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Welcome to Lolita Dessert Club, a world filled with sweet treats! Cookies, macarons, doughnuts, and crepes - you name it, we've got it, and we make each one with lots of love and care. When you take a bite, you can taste the freshness and the top-quality ingredients we use and can't help falling in love at first bite!

We pour our heart into making each cookie crunchy and delicious, every doughnut soft and flavorful, and our macarons perfectly delicate. But that's not all - if you're a fan of other sweet treats like rich Nutella delights, banana pudding or the classic crepe brûlée, we've got those too!

Lolita's Events

Pink has always been a favorite color– A cute and Beautiful house that’s bound to grasp your attention if you’re walking through North Miami Beach.

This Unique decor is an invaluable way to set the mood for all events! We can style any event big or small, from business meetings to bachelorette parties, from birthday celebrations to marriage proposals, and everything in between. Your guests will be dazzled by the décor. You will be delighted by our unparalleled customer service.

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Ultimate Box Bundle!

From custom sweet goody bags to custom accessories…you name it we got it!

Get as creative or minimal as you’d like, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Our Story

In 2021, after many years of traveling around the world, Sivan (CEO and founder of Lolita Dessert Club), had an amazing idea.

She had a vision to create a unique spot for friends and family, a vibrant pink heaven straight out of a fairytale, radiating an irresistible charm that's both captivating and welcoming. She dreamt of a pretty pink house that looked like a Barbie dream house.

Putting together her love for tasty sweets and the awesome skills of her amazing team, Lolita Dessert Club was born. Sivan and her team worked hard to make the best homemade unique sweets to bring delicious and fine taste to Miami.

She made sure every member of her team could use their creativity to make every visit to Lolita Dessert Club a special one. Today, Lolita Dessert Club is not just a place to eat sweets but a place to make sweet memories, all in a beautiful pink fairytale house.

Our Team

At Lolita Dessert Club, our team is as sweet as our treats! Each member of our team is brimming with charisma and driven by a passion for creating delightful experiences for our guests.

From our bakers who perfect every macaron shell to our waitstaff who serve with a heartwarming smile, we're proud to say that our team truly makes our bakery the magical place it is.

In the charming, fairytale-esque setting of our bakery, our team members shine. They're not just employees - they are the beating heart of Lolita Dessert Club. Just like the ingredients in our homemade cookies, doughnuts, and macarons, each team member adds a special flavor to the overall Lolita experience.

Whether they're whipping up delicious desserts in the kitchen, serving guests, or creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere, they contribute to making Lolita Dessert Club a delightful place to be, for both our guests and themselves.

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